School in the 50's: Then vs Now

With school starting back up for students everywhere, let’s take a look back in history.

It comes as no surprise that school nowadays is much different than how it used to be. Back then, there was no such thing as the internet. Teachers didn’t use smart boards or online learning tools and websites, and there were certainly no phones! 

So, what was school really like in the 1950s? Keep reading to find out! 

  • The 50’s brought about the “baby boom,” so schools were growing as a necessity. Children often learned by rote. In other words, they were taught by memorization, usually through nursery rhymes. 

  • Since there were so many children, discipline needed to be strict. Children who acted out were punished in a number of ways, from being forced to hold textbooks in their outstretched arms, to ruler rapping on their knuckles, and so on. 

  • Teaching curriculum was ruled by the Three R’s- reading, writing and arithmetic, and students were taught via blackboard and chalk. 

  • Computers didn’t appear in schools until the 80s, and even then they were rare (and huge!) Therefore, kids had to get all their information from books. This proved tricky, because unlike the computer, new research couldn’t be updated with the click of a button, so sometimes books provided outdated facts. 

  • Because there were no computers, students had to use typewriters if they wanted to type up papers. In addition, cursive writing was a mandatory aspect in the curriculum. In modern times, we have very little use for learning cursive, aside from signatures for checks and the like, but even this instance is becoming obsolete with new technology.  

  • The majority of kids walked to school and home everyday, no matter the weather. 

  • Students were allowed to leave campus for lunch, whether grabbing a bite at home or hitting up a nearby diner. 

  • Television began to grow as a household staple, with many families all over featuring a set in their home. As TV grew, many saw this as a great teaching tool, developing educational shows for kids to enjoy watching while also learning. 

It can be very interesting to compare and contrast how school is vs how it was. 

And if you’re heading back to school, we hope you have a wonderful year!

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Photo credit: pinterest

Rachael Doukas