Summer is finally here- school's out, the sun’s shining, and we’re all hoping to beat the heat. In the grand scheme of things, summer is a time to relax and enjoy. But, it comes as no surprise how different times are now compared to those decades ago. There was no such thing as cell phones or air conditioning. Children no longer venture into the woods, wander carefree under the sun, or patch up grazed knees from games of tag. Nowadays, summer is seen as a time of responsibility, keeping active and busy, or completing school tasks for next year. 

We strive to get the most out of our vacation, but by doing so, we’re missing out on the spontaneity of what once was. The 50s are a prime example of the “ideal summer.” Kids would spend their days outside, playing with friends until dusk. Family time was cherished. Parents were not running around, yanking children from place to place. Summer was essentially what we strive for- relaxation. 

Modeling your summer after 50s ideals can help you get the most out of your summer. 

Slow your roll

We’re so focused on making plans that we actually sabotage ourselves. Stockpiling our schedules with things to do ruins the fun of taking it day by day. What happened to impromptu road trips and picnics? Taking the impulsiveness out of your summer can cause it to be rather dull. Not to mention, adding unneeded stress. 

Get outside! 

It goes without saying, summer is meant to be spent outdoors. Whether soaking up some sun on the beach, or getting lost in the woods, your body craves the Vitamin D only daylight can provide! 

Come together

The best part of vacation is the time we spend with friends and family. Take a trip to visit those out of state, or hold a gathering at your place. 

Keep it casual

Nowadays, vacations can be pretty expensive. Money has changed a lot since the 50s. But, just because you can’t afford to go on the latest cruise or to Disney World does not mean you can’t have a great time! Go sight-seeing, visit nearby landmarks, or visit the beach. There’s lots of entertaining, inexpensive places to go! Besides- it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with and the memories you make! 

Just have fun

Summertime is supposed to be enjoyable. Even with the stress of everyday life, you can always find a way to make it fun. Get silly, play games, and just take it day by day.

Although we can’t completely live our lives like its 1950 again, the morals and ideas from the past can always be applied to modern times. In the end, don’t stress to have the “best summer ever.” Instead, enjoy what you can, and have a great time. 

Happy summer!

Rachael Doukas