Elvis Presley, one of America’s most renowned cultural icons, was a lot more than just 18 number one hits and 37 top ten hits. Many know him as the incredible musical success that he was, but did you know…

He was named the second top earning deceased celebrity

In 2014, Forbes recognized Elvis’s continued impact with this award. As he is still admired by many it is no surprise he has accumulated so much wealth posthumously.

He had a twin
Imagine a world with two Elvis’s. I don’t think the 50’s could have handled that. Sadly, his twin was still born but Elvis kept the spirit of his brother alive by speaking of him often throughout his life.

Elvis was the first in his family to earn a high school diploma
Just a year before he launched his music career in 1954 with his recording of “That’s All Right,” he was working at a machinist shop right out of high school.

He was drafted after he was already famous
Elvis served his nation proudly. He achieved the rank of sergeant and was honorably discharged from the army after 2 years. If it weren’t for his time in the army, he would never have met his wife, Priscilla Beaulieu, who was the daughter of a U.S Air Force captain (she was only 14 when they met!)

He helped out teenagers
On several occasions in Los Angeles and Memphis, Elvis helped out teens that were headed down the wrong path and were in trouble with the law (it’s said he even paid their bail!) He wouldn’t let the teens go without letting them know exactly what they did wrong and how their life could turn out if they didn’t shape up. Elvis did his best to make sure they would try to become better citizens!

Rachael Doukas