Each year, the holiday season brings the usual holiday parties, complete with egg nog, bows, and carols. These traditional holiday celebrations can be lovely, but have you ever noticed how they start to run together in a single gift­wrapped blur? There’s no rule that every corporate holiday event must follow a single script. This year, consider transporting your guests back to the days of the jukebox and the poodle skirt with a 1950s­ themed event.

The Menu
What better icon is there than the diner for 1950s food and fun? The 1950s made fountain drinks and sandwiches part of the American culinary landscape, and these items coincidentally work well for catered corporate events. Buck the typical holiday menus in favor of a fun and popular 1950s­ themed menu with favorites like fountain drinks, grilled items, and specialty sandwiches.

The Atmosphere
A 50s atmosphere is perfect for a corporate event because it allows guests to mix and mingle while nostalgic tunes play in the background. This wholesome setting puts people at ease and gives them a glimpse of the past. For a seasonal touch, you can always listen to holiday songs by Burl Ives, Frank Sinatra, and early Elvis.

Celebrate at Happy Times Cafe
Happy Times Cafe is a local 1950s­ style cafe that offers everything you need for a cool retro holiday event. Happy Times offers catering both for delivery or onsite events in the retro space. Onsite parties have the option of using a dedicated party room, celebrating in the main dining area, or even renting out the entire restaurant. The food at Happy Times is the perfect combination of 1950s style and healthy eating. With options ranging from traditional burgers and fries to healthier wraps and vegetarian dishes, Happy Times finds a way to put a 1950s spin on crowd­pleasing bites. For a truly unforgettable taste of the 50s, try a Brooklyn egg cream or other traditional fountain drink. Try something different this holiday season, and celebrate with Happy Times in authentic 1950s style. The Happy Times Cafe team is available to work with corporate event planners for celebrations both on­ and off­site; we can help you plan the perfect retro menu for your guests and their needs.

Contact Happy Times at (631) 270­4836 or You can also visit their website at

Rachael Doukas